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Knowing Value Adds Value to your property

Our evaluation of your property’s value can enhance your property’s value significantly, especially true when selling real estate.

A precise evaluation of a property’s value can identify the asking price that weighs the costs of time-on-market against the revenue generated by the ultimate sale.

Our property appraisers consider both factors perceived and imperceptible taking into account the tangible such as the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, recent upgrades, and amenities such as pools and landscaping. The intangible factors are market demand, prevailing interest rates, and investors’ outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

During a valuation, a valuer must physically inspect the property, measure the land and identify it against the title or the subdivision plan. The appointed valuer will physically measure the house, take a description of its condition and improvements, a photo, and review a minimum of three comparable sales from which to conduct a sales analysis. The information will be used to determine the value of the property. The valuer will then prepare a written report based on his or her findings.

There are many factors that contribute to a property’s value the most influential of which is the land component. The land size, location, topography, shape, and aspect can, in some instances, account for a property’s value. The land component will also appreciate where building structures will always depreciate.

It is common for the instructing party to ask the valuer this question as soon as the valuer has inspected your property.

The truth is at that time the valuer doesn’t know what the property is worth. The inspection is the first step of many that the valuer must go through before a value is determined.

A valuation before you buy a property can provide you with an independent opinion of its value. This can help you negotiate the right price and save you money. Valuers will check the property’s title and location as well as provide a risk analysis that highlights any potential opportunities or threats.

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