Allan Carcamo

Real Estate Agent at Vida & Co. Ltd

  • Service Areas: San Ignacio

About Allan Carcamo

Hi, I’m Allan Carcamo from the beautiful country of Belize, nestled in wonderful San Ignacio. Growing up, I lived in 5 of the 6 districts in Belize, and that has allowed me to gain many acquaintances and made some lifetime friendships that I still hold close to this day from all over this beautiful country.
I had been active in the oil industry for the past 12 years and recently retired to experience new adventures in my life.
I spent many years learning everything there is to know about the oil and gas industry but my passion for networking and meeting new people is what led me into branching off into real estate to help different walks of life to have a very pleasant experience in purchasing or selling of your property here with us at Vida & Co Ltd.
My educational background is in Tourism Management and ever since I wanted to be out and explore this jewel that I call home. I’m very adventurous, I love the outdoors, visiting the Ruins, going camping, and getting sand on my toes.

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